Why Choose SMS Alert?

SMS Alert messaging behind the world's largest enterprises.

Extensive Service

Including Web SMS, Email to SMS, SMS API, SMS Reminders, and more

Enterprise Security

Enterprise infrastructure, security, redundancy, and data sovereignty

Expert Support

Highly responsive and knowledgeable support team available


Reliable Connections

Access reliable and direct onshore carrier connections

100% Delivery

100% reporting transparency and SMS delivery guarantee

Best Value

Get the best combination of service quality and price on the market


Actionable Drip Campaign

SMS Automation or Drip Campaigns! are executed automatically, where pre-written content is automatically sent at predetermined times in order to engage your contacts.

Drip Campaign

We have developed pre-designed templates for you like sending automated follow-up SMS to your leads or prospects from your favourite CRM tool, abandoned carts from your E-Commerce platform, and many more.

What role does a drip campaign play?

Sending this information multiple times to the same prospects will expose them to your brand multiple times, which will increase their familiarity with your brand and allow you to reengage with them to get them back into the marketing and sales funnel.



Select the right package and offer text messaging services to your customers.


Integrate text messaging into your own application, website, CRM or Mobile app with SMS Alert API.


Refer customers to SMS Alert and earn recurring .

Messaging automation done right

What makes us the most loved Messaging platform by which your business stand out from the crowd and tells your customers what is special about you.

Communicate in 87+ languages

Connect with your customers better by sending messages across the globe in their preferred language through Unicode messages.

Gain Insights

Enhance your messaging campaigns by leveraging data analytics. Real-time data and detailed analytics helps you reach subscribers better and build valuable relationships.

Automated retry

Ensure messages delivery each time, every time. Avoid manual redundancies in case of failed delivery or lags for critical messages via automated retry mechanism.

Messaging Automation

Concatenate intelligently

Get your lengthy messages delivered on-time, always. Smart concatenation allows sending messages up to 4000 characters at one-go.

Optimized routing

Avoid network congestion and experience a swift delivery of messages. Our platform actively checks for the best available routes to enable guaranteed delivery of messages.

Messaging Queue Logic

Send as many messages as you like. Automated queue logic stores messages temporarily until customers receives them and ensure they are delivered at the same pace throughout.


Experience world class messaging with SMS Alert advance business solutions that make SMS integration for enterprises simple. SMS Alert platform enables enterprises to easily integrate with Business APIs and harness the power of SMS as a medium to communicate with their target customers.

Transactional Alerts

Transactional Alerts

APIs and on-premise SMS solutions for alerts such as account balance or transaction notification.

User Verification (OTP)

User Verification (OTP)

Multi-channel retrial to ensure your OTP SMS will be delivered in time.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS

Build SMS campaigns based on specific user behaviour.



Powerful SMS analytics engine to segment customer base and broadcast retargeted SMS.


Personalised and expert technical support

Technical Support

Talk to us about your business requirements

Get strategic and creative advice

Discuss custom technical solutions

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